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When a young Mennonite girl is uprooted from her cloistered community, she pines to go back to Yoder School where learning was full of wonder and where she decided to be a teacher. Here is a story of leaving a childhood of innocence to go out into the world—and to learn in new ways from different people in places that don’t feel like home. 

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“When you follow Phyllis into each new setting and each new challenge, think of the hungry caterpillar, eating its way into its true self, beauty and freedom, voluntarily casting off old skins before transforming into new ones. As you pause to reflect on the pedagogical and theological truth in that image, you too are a student in the Yoder School.”
—Shirley Hershey Showalter, author of the memoir Blush and President Emeritus,
Goshen College

“My affirmation and congratulations for the publication of a great educational memoir, grounded in the best of Anabaptist and other radical Christian
—Richard Showalter, columnist for Mennonite World Review and writer, teacher,

“This warm and engaging memoir reached out and drew me in, stirring my
own reflections about belonging, identity and faith.”
-—Titus Peachey, Peace Advocate

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