Let’s Go To Print


Writing by the Fire“Let’s go to print!” I read these words in an email from my editor. And now my book Yoder School is at the press. I’ve never wanted to sky dive or ride roller coasters. But when I read this message, I felt a nervous tremor of thrill run through me—great pleasure mixed with some jots of anxiety. My book is about to go public.

Maybe I like to write because I’m an introvert. I’m no good at a party, never sure I can think of the next right thing to say, always wondering how some people gather others around them so effortlessly. But alone with my laptop, I feel free—exploring ideas and finding patterns that I can set out for others. I like to think that with the words I write I can bring gifts to others in a way I can’t seem to manage in casual conversation.

And I hope my book will be a gift.

“Delighted to be at this juncture, Phyllis,” my editor wrote. And I thought, me too!

6 Replies to “Let’s Go To Print”

  1. How exciting!! I love to see how you are using your God given abilities to bless others. Are a huge blessing and encouragement.


  2. Congratulations Phyliss. It has been interesting to follow your journey. I am eager to read your book. I had my start at Yoder, too, actually all 8 grades. Although I don’t have a particular love of teaching, the flowers and birds and love of reading have always stayed with me. On another note, your paragragh on being an introvert, describe me so well. I have always admired your skill at speaking in front of a group and being able to capture our minds and thoughts. Thanks for sharing yourself with us. Delores Swartzentruber


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