Background of a Blurb: Titus Peachey

When I was writing a curriculum about peace, Titus Peachey reached out to me. For decades, Titus had been the director of peace education for Mennonite Central Committee, a relief, service, and peace agency that works in more than 50 countries. He shared resources with me, and we talked about how people learn.

Titus, too, comes from Western Maryland. He also grew up with the taste of maple syrup and sounds of Pennsylvania Dutch and the panorama of autumn color on the mountain sides. And like me, Titus left those childhood scenes to pursue his callings.

This is why I was grateful when Titus agreed to read Yoder School. And I appreciate his comments.

β€œPhyllis Swartz reached out and drew me in with her warm and thoughtful memoir. Her journey out of the comfortable cocoon of her childhood to encounter the wider world stirred my own reflections on identity, belonging, and faith.”

β€”Titus Peachey, Peace Advocate


2 Replies to “Background of a Blurb: Titus Peachey”

  1. Phyllis, I just finished Yoder School. It was so enlightening, so tender, so inspiring…I loved sharing your life and aspirations. You are the kind of teacher every educator should aspire to be.

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