Full Freezers and Well-Laid Plans

I’m spending the next two weeks with these folks, first at our house for cousin week and then at the lake, where their parents will join us.

We’ve got three freezers filled with taco meat and sausage quiche and chili and chicken casseroles and Yum-e-setti and cookies and cakes, and I’m not sure what all is down near the bottom. We’ve got plans to swim and fish and camp and ride bikes and study the Bible and play games and hike and go on an architectural hunt.

My hands (and theirs) will be in the dishwater and in oven mitts and on fishing rods and scooter bars. So for these two weeks, my fingers will be off the keyboard. I’m going to forget about research and plot structure and chapter orders and blogging and finding just the right word to type.

But I’m sure I’ll be hearing and telling plenty of stories. And I’m sure I’ll be searching for just the right words for plenty of conversations—you never know what tweens and teens might say.

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