Captured Moments

On Saturday, we’ll gather to celebrate my mother-in-law’s life. Her children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren will fly into Michigan from Hawaii, Nicaragua, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Utah, and New Mexico. They will drive from Maine, Illinois, Wisconsin, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio.

While we wait for the generations to gather, we’ve been tiptoeing through my mother-in-law’s life, collecting photos. Here are a few:

Milk Maids: Anna Mae (far left) with some of her sisters, dressed for milking with aprons and boleros to protect their dresses. After milking, they delivered the milk on the way to school, always hoping the delivery would go quickly and not make them late.

Wedding Picture: Anna Mae was born on Christmas Day and married on Christmas Day.

Christmas Day with a growing family: Six children have been born with three more to come, twins next.

Cataract surgery

Sixtieth wedding anniversary

In the last meeting with our grandchildren, Anna Mae is explaining that she grew up in the thumb of Michigan and that her husband, their great-grandpa, grew up on the other side of Saginaw Bay. Sometimes the bay froze deep enough to drive across on the ice.

Each of our grandchildren are now left with memories of an engaged  great-grandma and a blanket she made.

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