My Mom and Dad and 𝘠𝘰π˜₯𝘦𝘳 π˜šπ˜€π˜©π˜°π˜°π˜­

β€œThere’s a dark side to your book,” my mom told me yesterday. β€œIt’s messing up your dad’s naps. He can’t stop reading to sleep.”

It’s no wonder. He’s all through the story.

I took my parents a copy of Yoder School the other day. Inside the front cover I wrote them a note:

To Mom and Dad,
You formed so much of this story.
With my love,

Here you can see a photo of my parents and me in the beautiful mountains of Western Maryland before we moved away to the city.

Swallow Falls

And here we are on the day I gave them my memoir, all of us looking as if the decades have aged us.





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